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Well hello there friends! Anyone who knows me knows I’m quite partial to taking a photo or two (I took 400 selfies of my new nose before I’d even got home from the hospital!) so I’d like to think I know what it takes to take a good picture. And seeing as I have a new book – LIVE FAST, LOSE WEIGHT – out which is full of tasty recipes, I thought ‘Why not get my fans to take pictures of their food, their face or their best workout pose?’ So consider yourself cordially invited to take part in my #LiveFastLoseWeight competition! It’s ridiculously easy to enter and the best part is that if you’re a winner you get a Geordie Shore tour in Newcastle for you and your mate.

To enter just choose your favourite photo topic from the 3 below, snap a pic, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #LiveFastLoseWeight. Go on! You can do it!


Enter your best pic with #LiveFastLoseWeight

... YUM ... YUM ... YUM

LIVE FAST LOSE WEIGHT is all about tasty food that’s quick to prepare. But taking a picture of it might not be quite so easy! Here are a few food pic killer rules:

1) 1) Light it up! By that I don’t mean set fire to it. I mean make sure you show it in its best light. In the same way I use a selfie case to frame my pout – bask that beauty in glorious light. Natural light is best – so if it’s a nice sunny day take your plate outside and place it on some grass in the garden. Just don’t let the dog poo on it.

2) Make sure you have a manicure! No one wants to see manky hands holding a plate of food. No one. And while we’re on the subject, a nice coloured plate wouldn’t go amiss.

3) Don’t forget you’re going to take a picture of the food and eat half of it! (Although I wouldn’t blame you because it’s so tasty)

Enter your best pic with #LiveFastLoseWeight

... JUMP ... JUMP ... JUMP

Keeping fit is FUN and it’s even more fun to show everyone what you’re up to in the gym and how fit you’re getting. Here are my top tips for the best gym selfies:

1) Sweat! People need to see you’ve worked out so make sure you’re looking glistening. You can always cheat and spray a bit of water on your head (with a full face of make up on – obviously)

2) Pick your body part! If you like your bum – then that’s the money shot. If you want people to marvel at your tum then breathe in and click away. And if you want to show off your entire body, take the photo vertically to elongate your torso.

3) Sexy saturation! You know how I feel about a tan (its paramount) so use the saturation tool on your phone to make you look like you’ve just flown back from Barbados. You can also add definition to your muscles with some serious filtering and shadowing.

Enter your best pose with #LiveFastLoseWeight


What’s the point of having a life if you don’t have friends to share it with? I try to spend as much time with my friends and family as I can and I love making new mates too. Every project or adventure I embark on has brought me a new friendship (which can make buying Christmas presents very expensive). Here’s how to create the best friendship shot:

1) Be happy! No ones going to believe you’re great mates if you’re standing there like a bulldog chewing a wasp.

2) Be real! There’s some stupid rule that says you should avoid taking pics in front of a mirror, in cluttered bedroom, or in bathroom but I don’t follow that rule. You and your mate make a mess when you hang out in your bedroom – so keep it there in the background (but maybe blur it out just a little bit)

3) Make sure you don’t have herb tooth. Or your friend fro that matter. If you’ve both just eaten a dish (one of mine from the recipe book obviously) then make sure you don’t have any herbs stuck between your teeth. They don’t look good in photos.

Enter your best pose with #LiveFastLoseWeight


Check out the live feed of all your #LiveFastLoseWeight entries below...

Terms and conditions

  1. 1 night Accommodation
  2. Lunch/glass of wine at Mambos Wine & Dine
  3. 1 hour Geordie Shore Cast Member meet and greet
  4. Secret VIP area in Newcastle
  5. Nightclub entry Guest List